The “Made by Julie” collection is a new concept for Jewels and for 2021! Covid has made us all re-evaluate, and the enforced downtime due to lockdown has left me more time to reconnect with my artistic side. This collection is inspired by a re-focus on the importance of health, love, family, friends and liberty. All things which many of us took for granted in our busy lives until they were whipped away from us by Covid.

The “Made by Julie” collection is proving to be a great pleasure for me to create. I hope it will bring equal pleasure to those of you who like it and choose to wear my creations. Most importantly however, Covid has taught us that life is precious. I hope it will serve as a reminder to us all to stop and smell the roses, as vaccines get rolled out and we slowly return to the fast pace of modern life….Julie x

The “Made by Julie” collection is very much a work in progress so please bear with me as I work on bringing these completely hand made items to you. Please do also let me know if there is anything you would like to see featured as I would love to create pieces with you in mind!

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Tree of Life Pendant
In Stock Now £50

Stunning Tree of Life Pendant, handmade in sterling silver and natural turquoise. The natural healing property of turquoise is thought to promote feelings of inner calm to the wearer, and the pendant comes complete with a silver plated chain which can be cut to your desired length.

This piece would look fabulous with jeans and a turtle neck jumper! FREE shipping within the UK.

Turquoise Leaf Earrings
In Stock Now £25

Designed to compliment our Tree of Life Pendant and following on from the nature theme, we love this addition to the “Made by Julie” collection! Wear these leaf earrings made from hallmarked sterling silver and feel the inner calm offered from the healing properties of natural turquoise.

Bringing a fabulous dash of color to any outfit. FREE shipping within the UK.

Sterling Silver Turquoise Necklace
In Stock Now £45

This lovely Turquoise Necklace is 70 cm in length and each link has been carefully crafted by hand using sterling silver. The necklace features chain detail at the back, which will fit discretely under a collar for added comfort and a more streamlined look.

The natural turquoise in this necklace, works beautifully in a classic design which will add flair to most casual outfits. FREE shipping within the UK.

Rose Quartz Sterling Silver Pendant
In Stock Now £35

Rose Quartz is renowned for its healing properties and as it is also associated with love; we thought the heart design on this Rose Quartz Pendant was just perfect…! Valentine’s Day comes and goes, but love is always in the air, so why not treat someone you love to this beautiful pendant which comes complete with sterling silver chain.

2021 is all about pastel shades which makes Rose Quartz a perfect choice to compliment your Spring/Summer wardrobe. FREE shipping within the UK.

New project coming soon!

Thank you for waiting, I am working hard behind the scenes and I am so excited to share my new creations with you soon!

New project coming soon!

Happiness is wearing jewellery…

New project coming soon!

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique…

Jennie Kwon
New project coming soon!

Support, buy and love, handmade jewellery…

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