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At Jewels we offer a unique boutique experience which we hope you will find to be a refreshing change! Firstly our website gives us an online presence which we hope gives you enough information to gather ideas before reaching out to discuss your requirements. However on our site you will not find lots of perfectly photo shopped images of generic rings with a display so vast you will be overwhelmed by the choice. What you will find though are honest images of pieces we have recently made for genuine clients with a price guide. You will also not find an overwhelming list of endless diamonds in every spec known to man which will leave you stressed and not knowing where to start. What you can be sure of though is we have access to those same lists and we have the technical expertise to trawl diamond inventories across the globe on your behalf. Our website does not have all singing all dancing “design your own ring” technology which again after 10 minutes will leave you feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities. However we can discuss your individual requirements, (sorry you will not find a chat bot here) point out the pros and cons of design ideas and through open communication will narrow it down to a tailored selection which will not overwhelm you. Don’t be mistaken, at Jewels we offer a professional service, we work with a small dream team which has come together in the 13 years we have been in business and we can offer a full professional service in terms of buying power for your diamonds which are ethically sourced and GIA certified, computerized images for your designs, outstanding quality using the latest technology, exceptional customer service which is guaranteed as this is the part I don’t delegate…you start your Jewels journey with me, you deal directly with me and the book stops with me! You can also be assured of usual shipping benefits, lifetime guarantees, ethical sourcing and free engravings. Fine jewellery is a significant purchase and with most things in life you hire professional services for significant purchases outside of your own expertiseIt is my mission that every Jewels

The Princess Cut Diamond: Not Just For Royalty

Don’t be fooled by its regal name readers, the princess cut diamond was not actually created for a Persian Princess or anyone similar (they have enough, frankly). It was actually created in foggy London in the 1960s by an innovative diamond cutter named Arpad Nagy (he called it a ‘profile cut’ though). Arpad set out … Read More The Princess Cut Diamond: Not Just For Royalty

The Oval Cut Diamond: Does Oval Look Bigger?

Oval cut diamonds are simply an elongated round brilliant cut, but the appeal of these loose diamonds goes much deeper. Oval cuts have the brilliance of the round diamond, but a more unique shape, which some people prefer. They are a fashionable and trendy diamond cut, often chosen by celebrities, and when cut well, can … Read More The Oval Cut Diamond: Does Oval Look Bigger?

Why Your Favourite Celebrity Loves The Cushion Cut

The modern cushion cut is rising in popularity due to it becoming the cut of choice for several A-list celebrities in recent years. Kelly Rowland and Jessica Biel to name just a couple. The cushion cut has a rich (pun intended) history, evolving from a cut known as the “old mine cut” that dates all … Read More Why Your Favourite Celebrity Loves The Cushion Cut

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