Oval cut diamonds are simply an elongated round brilliant cut, but the appeal of these loose diamonds goes much deeper. Oval cuts have the brilliance of the round diamond, but a more unique shape, which some people prefer.

Oval Diamond Ring with Diamond Band

They are a fashionable and trendy diamond cut, often chosen by celebrities, and when cut well, can appear larger than a round diamond. 

But many people love this diamond shape for another of its benefits: Oval diamonds can make a person’s fingers look thinner and longer, and it complements a wide range of hand shapes and sizes.

All diamonds should have nice proportion and symmetry, and this is especially important in a “fancy” shape such as oval. An oval can be assessed by looking at the outline of the stone to make sure that the opposite curves look the same shape and that each side mirrors the other. 

This is something a professional jeweller like myself can assess for you. 

The gallery below shows 3 examples of oval shape diamonds, what appeals most to you depends on your own individual taste. Show these images to someone else and chances are that their opinion would differ. 

Bow Tie Phenomenon

A bow tie isn’t just something worn on the wedding day! In diamonds, the bow tie phenomenon is an effect where the centre of the stone shows a dark area, presenting itself in the shape of a bow tie. With oval diamonds this happens partly due to the elongated nature of its shape. A well cut oval will have a minimal “bow tie” effect, however each diamond facet acts like a tiny  mirror absorbing and reflecting light, therefore the reflection in the stone of the viewer  themselves will enhance the appearance of a bow tie.  

Pros for buying an Oval cut Diamond:

– Can look bigger than a round diamond, weighing the same
– Suits people with shorter fingers
– Less prone to chipping than many other fancy shapes due to it having no sharp angles or corners.

Cons for buying an Oval cut Diamond:

– Potential ‘bow tie’ phenomenon

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