The modern cushion cut is rising in popularity due to it becoming the cut of choice for several A-list celebrities in recent years. Kelly Rowland and Jessica Biel to name just a couple.

Vintage ‘rectangular’ cushion, with halo and tapered baguettes.

The cushion cut has a rich (pun intended) history, evolving from a cut known as the “old mine cut” that dates all the way to back to 18th Century Brazil

Simply put, a cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners and curved sides, giving it an appearance similar to a pillow. This is where the “cushion cut” name comes from.

The cut has a beautifully distinctive shape which encompasses square lines (sometimes rectangular) and sleek curved sides. With its history and distinctive shape, a cushion cut lends itself to more vintage art deco style designs but can more than hold its own in a modern setting.

Because of their classic appeal and modern charm, cushion cuts look stunning in a variety of engagement ring styles

TIP:  Any diamond which is not round is known as a “fancy shape” and is not graded for cut. Cushion cuts come under this category and are therefore only graded for polish and symmetry.

One of our very own Cushion Double Halo engagement rings

In a ‘fancy shape’ like the cushion cut, symmetry of the stone’s outline is very important to ensure the opposite curves match and the stone looks visually even. You can check this by looking at the actual stone and paying particular attention to its outline to make sure the shape is not “off”. This is especially important if your ring design has a ‘halo’ – meaning it also has small stones surrounding the main diamond.

Any imperfections in the symmetry of your cushion diamond will be further distorted by the halo. It is also important to check the ratio of your stone, and the way to do this is to look at the diamond certificate (we recommend your centre diamond should always be laboratory certified).

Vintage halo style ring with bezel setting

Assuming your cushion diamond is more of a square cushion rather than rectangular, we would be looking for a ratio as close to 1:1 as possible. However, each diamond is as individual and unique as it’s eventual owner, and whilst a perfect 1:1 ratio may not always be possible, we would recommend not to choose a diamond which has a ratio greater than 1.05:1

Another consideration with cushion cut diamonds is that they may not appear to sparkle as much as a round brilliant might as they have a different pattern of sparkle, however this does not make them any less stunning. Their unique shape lends itself to some spectacular ring designs, offering the vintage elegance of bygone eras.

So, whether you like cushion cuts because they are steeped in history or because they have been made popular in recent times by your favourite Hollywood Actresses, they are a perfect choice for anyone wanting an engagement ring which is a little more distinctive. Below you can see the stunning ring that Justin Timberlake gave to Jessica Biel.


– Unique shape for a more personalized engagement ring
– Very durable due to rounded edges
– Combines classic fashion with modern flair
– Less expensive per carat than Round Cut diamonds
– Rising in popularity


– Any colour is more apparent than in some other shapes (we recommend a G colour grade or higher)
– Open table means imperfections can be easier to see
– Referred to by a number of terms which can be confusing

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