Covid has impacted the world in many negative ways but it has also forced us to change the perspective on our life values and to find new ways to stay in touch and run our businesses.

My company Jewels is not just a business for me, it is my passion, and I am so grateful every day for the opportunity and privilege to work in this industry. I am therefore excited (and a little bit nervous) to share with you that as well as continuing to provide the exceptional service and quality within the gold and diamond market for which Jewels is renowned, I have decided to also now offer, a range of lower cost items which will be completely hand made by me! I anticipate the items will mostly be in sterling silver with semi precious natural stones and all raw materials will be ethically sourced using recycled silver where possible.

This new line is still very much in it’s infancy however and I would love for it to evolve over time with your help and input. My mission is to create special pieces of handmade jewellery designed with you and for you and I would love your input as to what items you would like to see in the hand made collection. For example, do you have any favorite semi precious stones which you would like to see used in the pieces? Which items of jewellery do you favour? Earrings? Pendants? Bracelets? Are you a fan of matching sets? Would you like to share any favourite pieces from which I can take inspiration? There is absolutely no obligation, but in essence I don’t want to guess at what you would like to see, I would love for you to tell me in order for me to grow the range in the way that best suits you…my clients old and new!

So tell me what you like (and what you don’t like) please also share it with your friends, and I hope together we can create something amazing!!

Here is some insight into my first project….. a Tree of Life pendant. I thought this was a fitting piece to launch my new range…Life is our most precious gift and never has this point been as forefront in our minds as it is today. Signifying a renewal of life, the pendant reminds us of happier times in the past and gives us hope for better things to come in the future. Each gemstone has been carefully hand selected and the natural healing properties of Turquoise is believed to offer inner calm to the wearer.

Tree of Life Pendant… £50. Available to buy now…

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